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by Little for Nothing

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released February 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Little for Nothing New York

fuck the new world
stay greasy

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Track Name: Ohio Sux
would so much rather be in love than be in ohio
toledo was great but ohio fucking suckz
heres some tickets to a baseball game
everyone thought i was insane
i stole their food

I found beauty dancing in shredded tights at night on the sidewalk
she was drawing a picture on the side of the flower shop
thank you for the mustard greens
slept in the jungle by creek
watch the sunrise

I see pictures of you and crying is instant
i hear the sound of trains and i wish that i didnt
even the warm reviving sun is grilling me in this place
fuck you ohio

And gently tracing the features of someones face is illegal here
there are no kisses hardly eye contact no hearts race
just a good kid goin east cleveland cleveland goin east
no hearts race
Track Name: A Dark and Shining Friend
Buried in strangers smoke
no, i dont feel right
please bury me in close that reek
of the east tidal straight

Just drape my body on the bulkheads
so i may feed the seagulls when im dead

whitecapd waters, shifting tides
I come to you to hide
the moon will pull us south tonight

What is beneath you?
wont you hold me
walking into your shining body

you kiss the land that you shape so gently
tho we abuse you
wont you hold me?
Track Name: Roll on Columbia
we are not entitled
we are not superior
what we create does not compensate
for what we destroy

And death is not your role
nor is death your tool
death is something you stole
death is something pure